Vintage 10th Mountain Division Wooden Ice Ax

April 4, 2019

The Ski Museum continues to collect incredible artifacts from our members and visitors. This month, we received a vintage 10th Mountain Division wooden ice ax and 10th Mountain plaque. In the museum, you can see these items in our special exhibit on the history of the 10th Mountain Division. This division was responsible for assisting to recapture the Northern Italian Apennine Mountains from the Germans. The men chosen for this regiment were the most physically fit and experienced in winter sports. Not only did they ski, they were also climbers that used these axes while climbing up the steep, ice-covered cliffs of Mt. Belvedere. In our exhibit is a list of over 200 men from Maine who served in the 10th Mountain Division. Who knows – perhaps one of your relatives served?

Follow the link to watch the movie “Fire on the Mountain” which tells the in-depth story of what these men endured and accomplished in World War II.



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